Shipping Container to Office Space

In recent years, shipping containers have become a popular choice for businesses looking for an alternative to traditional office buildings. Shipping containers are affordable, durable and can be easily transported wherever your business needs them. Plus, they offer many possibilities when it comes to customization. From turning shipping containers into offices or retail stores to creating unique workspaces with multiple levels and amenities like bathrooms and kitchens – the options are truly endless! In this article, we’ll explore how you can convert shipping containers into portable business buildings that suit your company’s specific needs. We’ll discuss what you can do with a shipping container, how to convert one into an office space and more. Let’s get started!

Where Can I Buy A Shipping Container in the UK?

The first step to converting shipping containers into portable business buildings is finding the right shipping container for your needs. Fortunately, shipping containers are widely available in the UK and you can easily purchase one from a local shipping company or an online retailer. However, it’s important to note that shipping costs may vary depending on where you’re located so be sure to factor this into your budget.

What Can I Do With A Shipping Container?

Once you have purchased a shipping container, the possibilities are nearly endless. Here are just some of the ways you can use shipping containers to create a versatile and cost-effective office space:

– Create an office space with multiple levels and amenities.

– Construct a shipping container hotel or restaurant.

– Turn shipping containers into retail stores or art galleries.

– Design unique workspaces for collaborative meetings, social gatherings, and events.

• Create an on-site office space – shipping containers can be converted into temporary or permanent office spaces that you can use for meetings, video conferencing, and more.

• Create a retail space – shipping containers can be converted into retail stores, pop-up shops, and more for an affordable way to display and sell your products.

• Create a workspace – shipping containers can also provide a great workspace for creatives or entrepreneurs looking to get out of the house and boost their productivity in a new environment

• Design a multi-level workspace – shipping containers are perfect for creating multi-level workspaces complete with stairs, bathrooms, kitchens, balconies, and more.

• Use shipping containers as showrooms – shipping containers can be used to showcase products or services in a unique way.

How Can I Convert A Shipping Container Into An Office Space?

Once you’ve decided what kind of office space you want, it’s time to start the conversion process. You’ll need to purchase shipping container modifications that are designed for specific tasks such as insulation, ventilation, windows, doors, and more.

Additionally, you may want to hire a professional contractor to ensure that the shipping container is structurally sound and meets all safety and accessibility regulations. With the right modifications and professional help, your shipping container office will be ready for use in no time!

The Process:

1. Select the shipping container that best meets your needs and budget.

2. Identify a location for the shipping container – consider access to utilities, noise levels, and other factors when selecting your location.

3. Secure any necessary permits or permissions from local authorities prior to shipping the shipping container to its designated location.

4. Hire a professional contractor to make sure the shipping container is structurally sound and meets all safety requirements.

5. Purchase shipping container modifications such as insulation, ventilation systems, windows and doors, lighting, and more.

6. Make any necessary interior renovations such as adding floors, walls, furniture, and more.

7. Inspect the shipping container to make sure it is ready for use and compliant with local laws.

By following these steps, you can easily create a shipping container office space that will provide a safe and productive workspace for your team. With this, you can have a cost-effective solution for creating an affordable and portable office space.

Shipping Container Permits in the UK

In the UK, shipping containers require a Building Regulations application and planning permission before being used as an office space. This is to ensure that essential safety requirements are met, such as fire regulations, structural integrity, and more. You may also need to apply for additional permits such as a hazardous materials permit if you plan on storing or working with any chemicals.

It is important to note that shipping containers are not always exempt from planning permission and therefore it is best to check with your local council before starting any conversion work. Additionally, many shipping container conversions require a change of use application, which will need to be submitted at the same time as the Building Regulations application.

By following these steps and obtaining the necessary permits, you can be sure that your shipping container office is safe, compliant with local laws, and ready to use.

Decorating a Shipping Container Office:

Once you have your shipping container office all setup, it’s time to make it feel like home. Consider painting the shipping containers in bright and inviting colors, adding comfortable seating options such as sofas or bean bags, and accessorizing with art and plants. These small touches will create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that employees can be proud to work in.


Shipping containers are an affordable and versatile option for businesses looking to create a unique office space. From creating an on-site workspace to designing multi-level workspaces, shipping containers can be easily converted into portable business buildings that suit your specific needs. When you’re ready to start the conversion process, just remember to purchase shipping container modifications and hire a professional contractor to ensure that the shipping container is structurally sound and meets all safety and accessibility regulations. With the right modifications, your shipping container office will be ready for use in no time!

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