5 Ways to Keep Your House Cool During Summer

Summer is a very exciting season filled with lots of outdoor activities. But it can also mean shielding yourself from the uncomfortably hot temperatures. If your rental unit or home doesn’t have an air conditioner or you are trying not to use it around the clock. You need some easy, simple to implement and creative ways of keeping the house cool all season. Most of these tips will only require some minor changes and adjustments. These are tips you can use to cool your house this summer.

Avoid Using The Oven

If the whole house feels like an oven already, it’s best to keep away from the actual oven. Switch to BBQ meals for the summer. If eating outside is not an option, prepare meals that will not require you to use the oven. The oven will generate a lot of heat, making the house even hotter and uncomfortable. There are summer recipes like the no-cook salads you can embrace for the season. If you must use the oven, wait until the evening when the outside air has cooled down and open windows before you cook. The same applies to any other kitchen appliances that generate a lot of heat. Also, outdated appliances can make heat issues worse, so consider an upgrade before the summer season.

Use Blackout Blinds Why Blackout Blinds May Be The Best Choice For Your Home - Forth Blinds

Keep the sun out using blackout blinds instead of leaving the windows wide open. Shading the windows is one of the simplest ways to cool a hot room. It can be tricky, especially if you love fresh air in the house, but it will be a worthy sacrifice. There are so many types of blinds that will pair well with your house’s design and layout. If you don’t have them, you should consider them for the summer. It will help you manage the utility bill by keeping the house cool without a running air conditioner. You need to consider the direction of your windows when buying blinds. South-facing windows get very hot during summer; you will need window shades with thick materials to keep the heat out. Blinds can be used to enhance the room’s design and aesthetics if you give them a chance. No matter how tempting it is to open the windows, you should try to block the sun.

Use Your Fan Wisely 

Electric fans lower body temperature, heart rate and blood pressure when  humidity is high | Daily Mail Online

You have to remember fans only moves air around rather than cooling it. So, where you position the fan matters a lot. You have to find the coolest place in the room and set your fan there. Since most of the hot air will rise,

the coolest air will be at the floor level. If you put the fan on the floor facing upwards, you will have a much better chance of cooling down the room. Angling the fan towards the hottest part of the house will help with circulation and pushing the hot air outside. You can create a make-shift air conditioner by placing a bowl of ice in front of the fan. It will blow the cool air from the ice to other parts of the room.

Switch Off and Unplug Electronics

Heat is an unfortunate by-product of most electronic devices. Desktop computers, television, and kitchen appliances can add to the room temperature, especially when they run all day. If the kids spend most of the summer days in front of large screens playing video games, it will be harder to cool the rooms. Start by regulating their game time and switching off unused electronic devices. Unplugging them will ensure the devices do not overheat. Blubs are also a concern during summer; they also produce heat. Consider switching to energy-efficient bulbs; they will keep the house cool and also lower your utility bill.

Swap Sheets 

Crack out some cotton sheets and keep away the heavy duvets for now. Cotton has proven to be perfect for sleep during hot seasons. The material is breathable and highly absorbent. They will help you regulate your body’s moisture and temperature level. Without proper ventilation, you will not have a night of quality sleep. Synthetic fibre will have a clammy feeling because of the hot summer heat and will make you uncomfortable the whole night. You should think about letting the night air in. apart from changing the sheets, you can keep the windows slightly open if temperatures drop at night. The cool air will be very soothing. You should remember to close the windows in the morning when the sun is up to keep the cool air trapped inside.


Try all these hacks and tricks when you don’t want to run the air conditioner the whole summer season. Embrace the fans but use them in the right way to get maximum results. You should also get blinds for your windows to help you block the sun. The sheets you sleep in should be breathable and, if possible, cook outside. When the heat becomes unbearable, it’s the small adjustments and tips that will go a long way.

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