The Album That Created 80s Rock

The 80s came in with newer styles such as funk, soul, new wave and dance music. All of these greatly influenced 80s rock music at the crossroad between modernizing music and its timeless legacy.

But the highest-selling album of the 80s has to be “Against The Wind” by Bob Seger released in 1980. Bob Seger, a rock icon, was testing the new wave of music during this decade and replaced that year Pink Floyd’s The Wall at the top of the charts with his new album.

This was his 11th album and his fourth with the Silver Bullet Band but it was the first and only to date number one album of his discography to spend 6 weeks at the top of the charts of the Billboard Top LPs. “Against The Wind” had quite mixed reviews at the time with many critics saying that they were disappointed with Seger for writing a “failureproof song” without deeper meaning, riding on popular rock trends at the time. This album started a new decade of experimenting with music and consistently battling the status quo of what is popular on the charts. 

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