Do I Need a Solicitor for Probate?

Dealing with the loss of a loved one can be emotionally draining. The strain is even heavier when you have to manage their property and possessions. After their death, there are a few things that must be carried out, such as the probate process. Here is more to how you can deal with probate following bereavement.

What is Probate?

Probate means to prove the final will as a legitimate public document. If you have been named as an executor in the will, you can apply for probate so that you can get the authority to administrate the estate. It is a court process that aims to legitimately divide the deceased beneficiaries, just as they had hoped. Since the term is pretty new to you, you should consider finding a solicitor to help you facilitate the probate. Besides the legal assistance, you get to stress-freely deal with the demise.

Redkite Solicitors in Cardiff have a team of dedicated will and probate solicitors. They have excellent legal, accountancy, and administrative skills, and all these are essential in the probate process. These professionals understand the inheritance law and will help you whether your loved one left a will or not. Besides the legal help, they also enable you to understand all the taxes that come with inheritance. These include capital gains tax, income tax, and inheritance tax.

While hiring a probate solicitor may seem like a choice, there are instances when you direly need one. Hire a probate solicitor if:

  • The deceased lived outside the UK
  • The estate is bankrupt
  • The deceased died without a will and has a complex estate to sort
  • The estate has foreign property and assets
  • Family and relatives doubt the will’s validity
  • The estate is insolvent
  • The deceased’s dependents are left out of the will(deliberately)
  • The estate lacks a clear arrangement (some have assets held in trust)

Do I Need a Solicitor for Probate?

Navigating the probate process while grieving can be difficult and sometimes too much to handle. Minor mistakes could cost you more time and more time in the probate process. To avoid all these inconveniences, you must hire the services of a probate solicitor. Here is how they can relieve you.

They Can Draft Your Will

The last will or testament is one of the essential documents that anyone can write. As such, it needs accuracy and precision. With a probate solicitor by your side, you can comfortably draft your will as they oversee all the details. They will ensure that all your wishes are honoured in the event of death. You avoid wrangles in bereavement.

They Minimise Family Conflict

A will can be a blessing and curse at the same time. If some clauses are unfavourable for the beneficiaries and dependents, family conflicts will arise, and this can be hectic to deal with. With a probate solicitor, the family enjoys reduced tensions as the professionals facilitate a more straightforward probate process.

They Protect the Estate from a Legal Claim

Legal claims against estates happen more frequently than often. Since probate is a public legal process, it attracts people seeking to gain from the death of your loved one financially. Your probate solicitor will protect the wishes of the deceased from unwarranted legal claims.

They Answer all Your Questions

The probate process is all new to you. It can be confusing for most people and the confusion further intensified by the emotions caused by losing a loved one. The probate solicitor will help you, answer all your questions and guide you in the probate process.

A Solicitor can Sort all the Technical Details

As a will executor, you have a lot of duties which include filing court documents. These can be complicated, and a small mistake could cost you twice the time in probate. With the probate solicitor, you can be assured that all the technical details will be sorted. They know their way around the probate process and guarantee you excellent services.


Dealing with grief and demise is difficult. You shouldn’t have to go through it alone, especially when there is a probate ongoing. When such a time comes, you need to research and find a probate solicitor who understands the probate process in all dimensions; taxation, administration, and inheritance. It’s your best shot at getting excellent services.

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