Most Secure Door Locks For Homes

Finding the right lock for the front door of your home is an important decision. You want the right type of lock to ensure the security of your valuables long term and make sure you will be able to unlock them when coming home. Tonys locksmith Cardiff are the answers to all high-security needs for households in Cardiff with all aspects of door and window security covered. They have 20 years of experience to keep your home or office safe and sound by being available 24 hours a day and the whole year, including bank holidays. They can both install high-security locks, panic bars and a peephole to make you can safely leave home to go to work this summer. They also specialize in lock repair or change and can come to help you within 15 to 30 minutes without call-out charges in case you get locked out. 

According to statistics, the most frequent point of entry for an unattended house is the front door with 34%, as most locks can easily be broken by a strong kick into the structure. The two other most common points of entries are the back door with 22% and the first-floor windows with 23%. These statistics show the importance of having high-security locks for your doors and windows during the next two months. July and August are statistically the months with the most burglaries as people often leave doors and windows unlocked to be able to let air pass through because of the high heat. However, burglars take advantage of that by slipping into your house and stealing your valuables 

Therefore the most useful tips to help protect your home is to invest in a few security items :

  1. Install a home alarm system, most burglars will not bother with a house guarded by a home alarm system and will give up on your house before even entering it.
  2. Place high-security locks on windows, doors and always lock them even if you are at home.
  3. Install motion-sensor lighting, burglars don’t want to be spotted trashing your house, so make sure that the neighbours can see them if they try to enter and steal your valuables.
  4. Invest in a safe to keep your most precious valuables, most often burglars don’t have the time to force your safe so your things would be safe in the safe (see what we did there?)
  5. Keep your landscaping and vegetation nice and clean, so you can easily see potential intruders in your backward without giving them hiding spaces to work with.
  6. Light up your garden, burglars will have more trouble getting into your house if they can be seen by concerned neighbours from across the street.
  7. Secure your garage as well, this entry point is incredibly used by burglars to enter your home, so you should have extra locks to secure this part of your house as well
  8. Add security cameras to both the exterior and the interior of your home, by seeing them burglars will worry about being caught in the act and will be deterred from robbing your house.
  9. Add fences, while these seem like it wouldn’t deter burglars to rob your house, it will help to make your house seen by neighbours and passerby who would be able to see if a suspect someone tries to enter your property.
  10. Motion detectors on your front door, by having motion detectors at the most frequent point of entries to your house, you will be alerted when someone enters your house when you’re out. 
  11. Instor a neighbourhood watch, the best way of having a safe neighbourhood is having watchful neighbours who you can trust to keep an eye on your house when you are out. 

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