How to Build the Perfect Glass Extensions?

Glass extensions offer a great way to improve, add value, and make your home more graceful and aesthetically appealing. If you have space and want to let natural light in and bring the outdoor experience indoors, then you should consider this adventurous option to create the perfect area to unwind and relax. A glass extension is also a cost-effective way to create extra space in your home instead of moving to a larger house. Some of the factors you will need to consider when building the perfect glass extension will be its design, cost, and planning permission.

When installing the perfect glass extension for your home, it is important to seek the services of an experienced company, such as London-based GlasSpace, to guide you through the process. This is to ensure they perform a sound job. In addition, an experienced company will be able to guide you on the rules and permission required to build a home glass extension. They will also assist you in estimating the costs depending on the size and specifications you need for your home glass extension.

Glass home extensions will fit perfectly well with different kinds of architectural styles, and if it is considered an extension, there will be no hurdles getting planning permission. As well as making your home more appealing, it will add value to your property and increase its price should you decide to sell it later.


What is a glass extension?


Glass home extensions allow homeowners to create more space without the use of traditional materials. They are mainly used as conservatories, glass kitchen extensions, gyms, living room extensions, and office rooms, among others. Modern home glass extensions are safe, durable, and long-lasting.


What to consider when choosing the perfect glass extension


When choosing the perfect extension for your home, you will need to consider the design of your home. Its positioning will also play a huge part since you want to take advantage of how its plays with the weather. The weather patterns in your area will also determine whether you should consider installing blinds should you require some shade. 





Since this extension is made of glass, it is vital to ensure it is safe. Therefore, it is highly recommended to seek the services of experienced professionals. While you may find cheaper solutions, it is not advisable to sacrifice safety because of costs. It is important to consider the design and what you will be using the glass extension for. This is to ensure that furniture will not be leaning against it, which could damage the structure.


Rules and regulations 


It is important to check whether the extensions you want to build for your home needs permission. However, if your glass extension falls within the required size consideration, most are within the permitted development rules. This means you may not need to apply for planning permission unless your area is listed or a conservation area. Nonetheless, it is important to seek the services of an experienced company to ensure you comply with the required building regulations.


Space and function 


When designing the plan for your home glass extension, you will need to consider how much space you need to dedicate to it. Typically, most homeowners do not go above 20-25% of the garden space. This is because going above this percentage may make the property somehow feel unbalanced. It will also be important to think about what the extension will be used for. For example, you may want an extension for your kitchen or as a way of enlarging your living space. These choices will inform the style of your extension. You will also need to decide whether you want it to match your existing property, such as the materials you choose for roofing and cladding.




The perfect project should ensure you get maximum comfort from your extension. When creating a bright space, you need to consider the positioning to avoid glare and overheating in the summer, or the cold temperatures prevalent during winter seasons. A good design and innovations such as double-glazed units will help avoid these problems. You may also want to consider installing oak rafters for additional warmth. 

By enlisting the services of an experienced company and they will advise you on the best positioning and orientation of your home’s glass extension and additional features it may need such as roof overhangs to ensure it is as functional as it is eye-catching.

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