Pedal Power – The Unstoppable Growth of Cycling

During this pandemic, some sports became harder to play (team sports) but some like cycling gained a new surge of popularity over the last months.

Most of us who began as novice started cycling to the office to avoid having to use public transportation, but now many are choosing cycling as their main sport.
This “bike boom” has influenced many sectors, suppliers have struggled to keep up with the massive demand, cities have redesigned and adapted their streets to enable riding safely, and economists are trying to calculate what that means for public transportation for the long term. Now People for Bikes are trying to see if this growth is sustainable or if cycling will join the growing list of trends that appeared and disappeared during the last year. But we think cycling is here to stay- not only it is incredibly useful in both cities and rural areas for transportation, but it is also a sport that greatly improves your stamina without being hard to start.

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