College football halftime winner shares gospel after winning $100G in tuition

This Saturday on Fox Sport something truly exceptional happened. Tyler Gordon, a West Virginia University law student, received the Dr Pepper grand prize of $100,000 at the Big Ten Championship retransmitted live on Fox Spor. The student won the contest which consisted of throwing the most footballs through an oversized Dr Pepper can in under 30 seconds (as well as submitting their motivation to receiving this bank check that would be used to pay for tuition).

But Tyler chose to do things differently. When presented with the bank check, everyone expected him to use his 45 seconds of fame to thank family and friends, but he thought about his faith and God first. He said God gave him the opportunity to win the tuition money and urged people to believe in Him as well.

These few seconds of showing his faith have made quite the commotion as users online retweeted the clip. Now Tyler Gordon can continue his studies without being hindered by debt and he says he has God to thank for that.

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