How To Travel in Style: Perfect Style Guide

Today vacations are as much experiences as they are photoshoot for Instagram. Therefore the clothes you pack for the trip will also be the outfits all over your friends’ Instagram feeds, which is why you must look more like a goddess than a tourist! So here is the ultimate style guide to make sure your vacation is #fab!

  • Fun sneakers

Vacations and photoshoots have one thing in common, you’ll walk miles before finding the right spot! So you need comfortable shoes that can both have comfort and style without having to compromise!

  • Mix-and-match jewellery

Luggage means you have less space for all the accessories and jewellery that you want to bring for your ootd. By using mix-and-match jewellery you can easily pair different pieces together to create a whole new look and vibes with each outfit!

  • Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are the perfect mix between comfort and chic, with many different prints that are sure to capture the eye of the locals. They are the perfect way to get ready quickly in the morning in time to get that sunrise shoot on the beach!

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