Why a global city is so vulnerable to virus spread

During this pandemic, every country in the world has been touched by the coronavirus. However, not all of them have faced the same level of fast contagion. Some global cities are especially vulnerable to the virus due to their high-density population, like Singapour.

Singapour’s only airport, Changi Airport, is one of the most interconnected hubs ever. Every 80 seconds another flight is arriving and departing, however during the pandemic the traffic has been severely reduced to scan the virus through thermal scanners that take Singaporeans temperature automatically as they enter. This global city-country has had its forces turn into vulnerabilities during the spread of this virus. Its open borders and interconnectedness with the rest of the world have made it an especially weak opponent against covid 19. From a sale conference in Singapour between more than 100 international attendees back in 2019, the virus has been able to spread to the whole world. A week after that meeting, confirmed coronavirus cases appeared where attendees came back home (1 Malaysian man, 2 South Korean nationals, and 3 Singapourians infected, who all spread coronavirus without knowing) due to the presence of unknown infected Chinese nationals at the meeting.

However, while its openness has been a disadvantage, Singapore has been especially strict in stopping the spread of the virus by monitoring its population quickly to try its best to fight the spread.