Inside the 24 hours that John boxing

The day of a boxer is full of exercise and restrictions to fit into a particular weight class, here is how boxers take care of their body before and after the fight.

4 AM– Most boxers start their days with a walk and a jog to keep in shape and build up their stamina.

8 AM– To feed their bodies for strong physical efforts later in the day, boxers usually take a heavy breakfast full of proteins with eggs and bacon.

Noon-However for lunch, boxers usually eat way less than would be expected to trim down their weight before weigh-ins at night. As such they tend to eat low carbs food, fruit and tuna.

1 PM– This is when the heavy training comes in with a 2 hours workout at the gym. Boxers have to take care of their muscles, and bench presses heavy weights and do bicep exercises, shadow box, and sprints to keep their muscles ready for the fight at night.

After working out, boxers usually spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing with a warm bath

6 PM– Due to daily weigh-ins the boxers usually skip dinner and only drink small amounts of water to fit into their class-weight.

After the fight boxers usually eat a big meal full of proteins and carbs and then call it an early night to wake up at 4 AM for their morning workouts.

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