Why More People Are Choosing PVC Bathroom Panels over Traditional Tiles?

When looking at designs for your bathrooms, it might be challenging to wonder which the best option to go for is. PVC shower wall panels are preferred because maintaining them is pretty easy; it brightens your room and brings an additional style.

If you wonder why most people choose tile effect wall panels over traditional tiles, you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to look at the reasons why PVC bathroom panels are preferred. 

You can install wall panels yourself.

Unlike traditional tiles, where you will have to incur some costs for them to be installed in your place, it is not the same case with wall panels.

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Wall panels are convenient because, with the help of a fitting guide, you can fix the wall panel yourself.

PVC panels are more significant compared with tiles, therefore, making it easy to put them in place. Even if you decide to pay someone to install it for you, the cost will be cheaper compared to that one of the tiles.

For shower installation with traditional tiles, you will be forced to wait for cement and grout to dry out. This means it’s impossible to complete the work the same day hence it will cost you more. On the other hand, PVC shower panels can be installed on the same day; therefore, your bathroom will be set to use.

Unlike tiles, wall panels installation is easier and even quicker.

Considering that the PVC bathroom panels are fashioned using modern technology, they simply give your bathroom walls a good makeover. Most people also prefer it because it’s the best when it comes to waterproof. It helps you avoid messy cementing and mold issues. 

For traditional tilling, you will have to prepare the surface before starting the process. Even for experienced workers, it can get messy since it takes a lot of time for the whole process to be completed.

Wall panels are waterproof

For wet places such as bathrooms and kitchens, it is suitable to use wall paneling because it will solve the problem of water splashbacks. Waterproof wall panels are essential for watery environments since they are the best for avoiding unwanted mold in between tiles. By using PVC shower panels in your bathroom, it makes them the most acceptable alternative to tiles.

On top of existing tiles, you can install wall panels

It might be tiring and an additional cost to remove the already existing tiles to replace them. The good thing is that you don’t have to worry anymore. You can be able to install PVC Shower wall panels on top of your existing tiles and fit perfectly according to your desires.

This makes it a win-win circumstance if you choose wall panels. In case you want to change the wall panels, it is again easy compared to removing tiles.

It is easy to clean wall panels

Cleaning traditional wall tiles might be challenging, and if you are not careful, you may end up not cleaning them the way they are supposed to be cleaned. When they are first installed, they look good, but with time they start to look a different color from the original one. This takes most of your time trying to make them look good again.uPVC Internal Cladding | Internal Bathroom Cladding from Eurocell

For wall panels, it is very easy to clean them. All you need is warm water and soap to get an instant result. Decorative wall panels give your bathroom the right look without the effort of cleaning tiles.

It is easy to maintain wall panels

While cleaning traditional tiles, you may require specific products for cleaning them. This might take time while scrubbing the spaces in between the tiles. Unlike tiles, PVC shower wall panels only need soapy water and a piece of cloth to make them stunningly clean. Wall panels are ultra-hygienic since they are waterproof and mold-free; hence, they do not require much energy to make them look good.

Wall panels give a different thing

You may be wanting to try a different thing to make your bathroom look lovely. PVC shower wall panels give you a wide range of choices where you can choose any color of your choice with different types of decorations. Suppose you would like your bathroom wall to be unique. In that case, it is very simple since shower panels are now becoming cheaper, viable, and most importantly, they are a more flexible alternative. 

They are cheaper compared to traditional tile

PVC shower wall panels are very cost-effective, and with this, you can be able to change them whenever you feel like it. They are cheap and easy to redecorate hence giving you the freedom to change them whenever you want a different look in your bathroom.

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